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Summer is a tricky time for your skin. No matter what you do in the heat, your skin is being altered. We're not saying to hide indoors for the entire season - just be proactive about taking care of your skin. Keeping your skin happy and healthy makes a more confident and healthy YOU. You may think sun exposure is the only thing violating your skin this summer when in reality, there are so many things you may not realize. The top three things that effect your skin in the summer, is the sun, air travel, and air conditioning. Moisture preserves youthfulness, oil balance, and clear skin. 

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A topic that is picking up steam around the country is the dermatological service of vaginal rejuvenation. Age, childbirth, and other factors can all have a stressful effect on you and your vagina. The vaginal wall, which contains collagen fibers, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity over time. 

This service will boost your confidence and can also fix problems including: 

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We’ve recently been nominated for 2018’s “Best of the Seacoast” Poll put on by Seacoast Media Group. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to cast a vote for us (under “Best Dermatologist”) at any time between Monday, June 25th and Sunday, July 15th, we’d be ever grateful!

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It's May (!) and, as Spring continues to bloom, so to does our desire to get back outdoors and dust off that “sickness” known as cabin fever. Back into the sun and, with that, back into heavy applications of sunscreen. At least we hope you’ve hopped on the sunscreen bandwagon. We’ve been beating that drum for years no. The importance of protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays is that of sincere consequence. If you’re not doing it, you’re subjecting yourself to the very real probability that you’ll be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in your life.

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Save the date!

On Thursday, April 26th we will be hosting our Spring spa event and open house from 5:00 – 7:00 PM here at 784 Central Ave in Dover.

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Dermatology and Skin Health, at its operative core, is all about keeping a close eye on its patients’ skin and ensuring that it’s as healthy and vibrant as can be. That includes those curious “spots” that could potentially amount to something terrible if not found and treated in a timely manner. That something is skin cancer. And there isn’t a soul on this planet that is immune to it – especially if you’re not taking proactive measures to remediate the dangers of UV radiation, etc.

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We are officially offering patients a second location to be seen. Dr.

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A pretty significant topic of discussion in the dermatology world is that of moisturizing and moisturizers that are at our collective disposal. Nearly half of all Americans suffer from dry skin, and one-third of us have been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (which is a more severe form of dry skin, otherwise known as eczema). Further, moisturizing becomes more and more prevalent as the seasons change. When the air changes, our skin needs to adjust, and across the board, this can lead dryer, chapped, and irritated skin – which is ultimately, a cause for discomfort.

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There’s growing trend in the Dermatology industry that’s catching nearly as much fire as the trend of obtaining the guilty entity. We’re talking about tattoos and, in our world, the removal of tattoos. Tattoos are everywhere. In pop culture, on the television, in the movies, music, advertisements… Everywhere you look there’s some bit of “ink” staring back at you.

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We’re pleased to welcome LPN, Allison Ingram to our team! You may have seen her around the office… If you haven’t feel free to say hello the next time you’re in!

Let’s get to know her a bit more: