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Our Body Of Work

Success matters. Nowhere does success matter more than when it comes to your health. At Dermatology and Skin Health, we know it, and live it. On these pages, you'll see a sample of our body of work -- you.

You'll meet Bruce Bacon, skin cancer survivor (and a man who knows how to wear a hat!). You'll also meet Elaine Riley, who counts her blessings knowing that her melanoma was found by Dermatology and Skin Health’s lead physician, James Campbell. Janice Martin was visiting the practice for a different reason -- she wanted to look and feel younger, and that's where Botox and Sculptra came in.

Take your time, and read the story of the Missy Payne family as well. Dermatology and Skin Health are definitely experts at working with children, and both of Missy's children are very comfortable at the facility.

We will be adding more stories to these pages over time. To make an appointment for your own visit to Dermatology and Skin Health, call 742-5556.

Bruce Bacon

Skin Cancer Story

Elaine Riley

Skin Cancer Story

Payne Family

Family Pediatric Story

Janice Martin

Facial Rejuvenation Story