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Average Salary of Mohs Surgeons: A Quick Look

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Becoming a Mohs surgeon is a lucrative career option, but it's essential to understand the factors that determine salary such as location, experience level, and type of employer.

This article will provide insight into how much Mohs surgeons get paid and what influences their salary.

What is the Average Salary of a Mohs Surgeon?

The average salary of a Mohs Surgeon in the US for 2022 is estimated at around $260,000.

MOHS surgeons earn impressive salaries, with the lowest earners earning $71,500 per year and top earners making as much as $400,000 annually.

The average pay range for this profession can vary greatly by up to $328,500, depending on factors such as experience level, geographical location and skill level.

Mohs surgeons in the United States typically specialize in performing highly-technical skin cancer surgeries using the Mohs technique. The job requires specialized training and expertise and requires knowledge of medical diseases, anatomy, pharmacology, surgical techniques, radiation therapies, and pathology.

For high-demand fields such as Mohs surgery wage growth could be higher than that seen in other areas. Also worth noting would be things like bonuses and benefits associated with the job which would further drive up wages overall.

Due to their specialized nature, Mohs surgeons command relatively high salaries given their expertise within the field but there have been reports suggesting recent lower recruitment numbers for these roles leading to increased wages offered by employers trying to fill these jobs adequately in some regions of the United States.

Factors Affecting Mohs Surgeon Salaries

Mohs surgeons are highly-specialized professionals and their salaries reflect their expertise. Various factors can affect how much a Mohs surgeon earns, such as:


The demand for Mohs surgeons has an impact on their salaries. As the procedure is considered one of the most effective in curing certain types of skin cancers, an increase in demand leads to higher salaries for the physicians performing this specialized type of surgery.


Location can be an important factor in determining the salary of a Mohs surgeon. Generally, salaries are higher in rural and suburban areas than they are in cities. This is because jobs in these areas tend to be more competitive, meaning employers often need to offer better pay in order to attract qualified candidates.

Cost of living should be taken into account; as cities tend to have higher prices than rural and suburban areas, salaries may also be slightly lower when factoring this into consideration. Furthermore, certain locations like California and New York may pay higher salaries due to increased demand for such professionals. 

Age and Experience level

When looking at how age affects salary for a Mohs surgeon, experience plays an important role. Someone who has been practicing as a Mohs surgeon for many years will have higher earnings than someone with fewer years of experience in the field.

A doctor with a great deal of time behind them will likely have established their reputation through their work and may command higher rates due to their name recognition within the community. On top of this, experienced surgeons may also have strategies for achieving better results in shorter periods of time which can lead to increased productivity and more money earned from each procedure completed.

Market Competition

The salary of a Mohs surgery surgeon can vary greatly depending on the market they serve. As a specialized and highly sought-after type of dermatological surgery, Mohs surgery surgeons are in high demand. The competition for these types of surgeons is higher than in other markets and thus may affect the salaries they earn.

Competition amongst limited numbers of candidates leads to an increase in salaries as employers compete for the few skilled and experienced professionals available to fill the role. A competitive job market will often drive up salaries, resulting in higher pay for those who hold positions within it. In addition, shortages of qualified professionals or low unemployment rates can create an advantage for employees because employers have fewer options from which to choose from when looking to fill positions.

On the flip side, if there is too much competition with many similarly qualified practitioners vying for one position, then salaries tend to stay stagnant or even drop as employers have more bargaining power in the overall process. When considering a job offer or career move, it's important that Mohs surgery surgeons take into account the current competition levels when negotiating salary packages to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their expertise and services.

Job Outlook for Mohs Surgeons

Demand for skilled Mohs surgeons is on the rise and expected to remain so in years to come. The increasing prevalence of skin cancer means that more and more procedures will be required, spurring on demand even further. 

It's important to note that while anyone looking to become a Mohs surgeon has to have surgical training and certifications, they must also possess keen analytical skills due to the nature of the job.

They must be able to assess a patient's needs and determine how best to treat them. Not only do they provide traditional surgery treatments, but these professionals are also responsible for providing follow up care during recovery, advocating for their patients rights during cancer treatment, and educating people about factors like diet, lifestyle changes., sun protection etc that can help prevent skin cancer from occurring in the first place.

Overall, with more skin cancer cases being diagnosed and an increase in Mohs surgeries being required, pursuing a career as a Mohs surgeon will likely provide job security and steady employment opportunities over many years.


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