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Treat Inflamed Hair Follicles at Dermatology & Skin Health

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What you may think of as typical acne, ingrown hair, or skin irritation may be something more that requires immediate attention from your dermatologist. Your skin condition may already be due to an inflamed hair follicle due to a fungal or bacterial infection.

Receive your folliculitis treatment from our experts in clinical dermatology at Dermatology & Skin Health. We offer integrated solutions for different types of folliculitis.

Get Rid of Painful, Bumpy Rashes on Your Skin at Dermatology & Skin Health 

Some patients ignore the bacterial or fungal infection they experience, like folliculitis, also called razor bumps or shaving rash. These may only look like red pimples, which may also have pus due to inflammation. Mild folliculitis may resolve on its own, but deep folliculitis may progress into worse skin injuries and crusty sores. 

Consult with our folliculitis doctor immediately at Dermatology & Skin Health. Our staff is highly trained in clinical dermatology to provide you with a clear assessment of your condition and a suitable treatment that resolves the red bumps and inflammation in the affected skin. 

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At Dermatology & Skin Health, we offer world-class services done by award-winning doctors who have proven their knowledge and skills in this field. Start your journey towards achieving your best skin by contacting us today.

What is Folliculitis? 

Folliculitis is a common skin infection that develops in your hair follicle. This infection often looks like a sudden acne breakout with bumps looking like red pimples. 

It can appear anywhere on the skin with hair (except the soles of the feet and the palms). Each breakout spot usually has a red ring around it, which is a sign of an infection.

Types of Folliculitis 

Folliculitis has many types that vary according to severity. These types are mild or superficial folliculitis or deep folliculitis.

Mild or superficial folliculitis involves partial damage to the hair follicle. The types of mild folliculitis are: 

  • Bacterial folliculitis - the most common type of mild folliculitis, bacterial folliculitis looks like white bumps because of the pus. This happens when you receive skin injuries, and bacteria enter. 
  • Hot tub folliculitis - as the term implies, this type of mild folliculitis is usually caught in heated pools and hot tubs due to a bacteria called pseudomonas bacteria. These look like itchy red pimples. 
  • Pityrosporum folliculitis - patients with Pityrosporum folliculitis have red pustules caused by yeast infection. 
  • Razor bumps or pseudofolliculitis barbae - this bacterial infection is caused by ingrown hair or hair growth inside the hair follicles. 

Mild folliculitis can usually resolve on its own, but you might still want to consult a folliculitis doctor to avoid further fungal infection and other complications.

Deep folliculitis involves damage to the entire hair follicle. The types of deep folliculitis are:

  • Sycosis barbae - this usually affects patients who had just shaved -- they may experience red bumps filled with pus that can result in scarring.
  • Gram-negative folliculitis - this happens when the patient has been using antibiotics for their acne treatment. The acne becomes worse because the antibiotics no longer work on the bacteria.
  • Boils and carbuncles - a boil is a tender and painful red bump that grows out of a seriously infected hair follicle.
  • Eosinophilic folliculitis - this type of deep folliculitis is common among patients with underlying medical conditions that weaken their immune system. Common among babies and sick people, eosinophilic folliculitis causes itchy bumps filled with pus that usually appear on the forehead, neck, shoulders, and upper arms.

Visit a folliculitis doctor immediately to avoid mild and deep folliculitis to progress into a chronic skin condition and leave scars and bumps. Schedule an appointment at Dermatology & Skin Health for your folliculitis treatment. 

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At Dermatology & Skin Health, our excellent dermatology services are guaranteed to be safe and effective, performed by the top doctors in their respective fields. Treat your skin problems by contacting us today.


What Causes Folliculitis? 

Folliculitis occurs when hair follicles are damaged. Once damage occurs, it is easy for germs to enter the follicles and cause a skin infection. 

The causes of hair follicle damage are: 

  • touching or rubbing the skin frequently 
  • wearing tight clothing 
  • rubbing of skin against skin 
  • shaving and other hair removal procedures 
  • hot and damp skin (e.g. after exercise) 

These are just some of the causes of hair follicle damage. However, the causes of folliculitis are:

  • bathing in the poorly-maintained hot tub 
  • waxing, shaving, or plucking hairs 
  • tight clothing or equipment 
  • topical medication, such as coal tar 
  • weight gain

With hot tubs, most people see breakouts about 12 to 48 hours after using one.

Dermatology & Skin Health offers comprehensive folliculitis treatment that will resolve your swollen glands and avoid having your skin condition progress into chronic folliculitis and other complications. 

What are the Symptoms? 

The symptoms of folliculitis will vary. Often, you will not feel anything, but some people suffer from itchy skin. Your skin may also feel some pain and tenderness.

Should I See a Doctor for My Folliculitis?

Infected hair follicles can look a lot like acne, so it is helpful to see a dermatologist get a proper diagnosis. The board-certified dermatologists at Dermatology & Skin Health can determine whether you have an infection and will give you tips to help clear or prevent it.

See a healthcare provider immediately if the affected skin's condition has worsened or if the symptoms still haven't gone away after a few days. If the pain has gotten worse and the red bump is becoming more tender, consult our folliculitis doctor at Dermatology & Skin Health immediately.

How We Treat Folliculitis 

Dermatology & Skin Health is equipped with the latest technology in dermatology. Our high-quality treatments will greatly benefit you in your folliculitis treatment. More than this, our board-certified dermatologists are committed to providing you with the most suitable treatment plan. 


Our healthcare provider is highly-trained in clinical dermatology. They can assess your skin for folliculitis and interview you for your medical history. We may conduct a dermoscopy or collect a swab sample of your skin infection for laboratory testing. 


Our folliculitis doctor may prescribe medicine to relieve your affected skin from folliculitis: 

  • antibiotics to control fungal or bacterial infection 
  • topical medicine to resolve a fungal infection 
  • medicine to reduce inflammation 


Your healthcare provider may also prescribe treatments to speed up mild to chronic folliculitis: 

  • Laser hair removal - laser treatment will help with long-term hair removal to clear up the infection. 
  • Minor surgery - your folliculitis doctor may need to create a small incision to drain the pus.

Dermatology & Skin Health offers treatment for a wide range of skin conditions and skin injuries, aside from different types of folliculitis. You will be under the care of highly-trained healthcare providers who will fully explain to you your treatment plan and address your concerns.

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At Dermatology & Skin Health, we offer world-class services done by award-winning doctors who have proven their knowledge and skills in this field. Start your journey towards achieving your best skin by contacting us today.

Treat Folliculitis at Dermatology & Skin Health 

Dermatology & Skin Health has treatment plans suitable for your skin condition. Be it itchy and tender razor bumps in your beard area, ingrown hair, and other swollen glands on the skin, we are committed to providing you with the right solutions with our folliculitis doctor, highly-trained staff, and advanced procedures. 

  • Board-certified dermatologists - our folliculitis doctors are board-certified dermatologists that can provide you with the proper treatment plan. 
  • World-class services - we are known for our world-class services because of our highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology for providing patients wellness and treatment. 
  • Compassionate staff - we know how our patients' medical concerns can sometimes leave them anxious and uncomfortable. We value relationships with our patients, which is why they can expect a compassionate staff who are welcoming and can further explain their condition. 

Consult with a healthcare provider in one of our clinics at Dermatology & Skin Health across New Hampshire and Boston. Aside from folliculitis, we can also assess patients for acne, eczema, and other medical conditions.

Request a Consultation at Dermatology & Skin Health 

If you think you might have folliculitis, schedule a consultation at Dermatology & Skin Health. During your consultation with a board-certified dermatologist, you will receive the proper diagnosis and a treatment plan. 

To get started, select your nearest location: Dover, New Hampshire, Newington, New Hampshire, Peabody, Massachusetts, or Londonderry, New Hampshire. Leave us a call to schedule an appointment or fill out a form on our website.

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