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Our birthmarks have already been a part of our identities one way or another, as it's been present since we were born. But this doesn't always mean they're permanent because there are treatment options that can remove your birthmarks.

Schedule an appointment with our birthmark removal doctor at Dermatology & Skin Health for your birthmark treatment. Visit our clinics at Dover, Newington, Londonderry, Bedford, and Peabody, or leave us a call.

What are Birthmarks?

Birthmarks are colored marks on the skin of a newborn baby. Some birthmarks show up soon after a baby is born, but others take longer to appear. Most birthmarks are obvious at birth, while some fade or go away as a child gets older.

Birthmarks come in different shapes or sizes. Pigmented birthmarks can appear in different colors such as brown, tan, black, blue, pink, white, red, or purple. Some birthmarks are smooth, and some are raised.

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Causes of Birthmarks

Despite numerous studies in the past, the specific causes of a patient's birthmark remain unknown to this day. They usually happen incidentally and not because the mother might have done something wrong while pregnant.

But there are findings that suggest how birthmarks may be inherited or may be caused by genetic mutations. You may also see similar marks with your other family members, but this happens rarely. 

If you have a red birthmark, that might be a vascular birthmark. Vascular birthmarks are blood vessels bunched together or haven’t grown normally. Your pigment cells or melanocytes may be responsible for your brown or blue birthmarks, called pigmented birthmarks. It is not clear why some children have them, and others don’t.

Types of Birthmarks

There are 2 types of birthmarks: vascular birthmark and pigmented birthmark. If you're considering birthmark removal treatment, knowing the right type will help you have an idea about the right type of procedure for you.

  • Vascular birthmarks:
  • Salmon patches - are thin, flat, light pink or red birthmarks. They tend to be on the back of the neck, the upper eyelids, the upper lip, or between the eyebrows.
  • Hemangioma - a hemangioma is a raised birthmark. These marks may come in colors blue, red, or purple. They are clumps of blood vessels that didn't grow normally. A hemangioma grows into many shapes and sizes and can grow on the skin or deeper in the body.
  • Port wine stain - port wine stains are birthmarks with pink-red color at birth and then turn into darker red-purple eventually. Blood vessels that didn't grow normally become a port wine stain. They can either be small, but they can also be big enough to cover a large area of the body.
  • Pigmented birthmarks:
  • Congenital mole - can grow anywhere on the body. They vary in size and shape, and most are brown.
  • Café au lait spot - smooth oval birthmarks. They range in color from light brown to chocolate brown and usually are found on the torso, buttocks, and legs.
  • Mongolian spot - a type of birthmark that appears in smooth, brown, or blue-gray marks. They are often uneven in shape and are on the lower back and buttocks.

These classifications can help you figure out the types of birthmark you have. To have your birthmark removed, schedule an appointment with our experts in birthmark removal treatment at Dermatology & Skin Health.

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Should I Have My Birthmarks Checked?

Most birthmarks aren't dangerous and life-threatening. But some definitely affect a patient's self-esteem, making them decide to get a birthmark removal treatment.

There are rare cases where patients need to receive skin treatment and have their healthcare professionals remove their birthmarks. This is because their marks have already affected their breathing. Some birthmarks may also become painful or ulcerated, while some are actually signs of other underlying conditions. These instances require medical intervention.

If a birthmark grows, bleeds, or gets infected, call to schedule a visit so we can check it at Dermatology & Skin Health. Our board-certified dermatologists can assess your marks properly and create a suitable birthmark removal treatment for you.

How to Monitor Birthmarks

As mentioned, most birthmarks shouldn't be a problem and may sometimes fade as you grow older. Have your birthmark checked by a dermatologist or a pediatrician to assess if it's harmless or if a genetic condition might be causing it, needing appropriate treatment. In monitoring a birthmark, look out for changes in elevation, size growth, and color or pigmentation. If you think it's rapidly growing, consult your dermatologist right away. 

You should closely monitor your moles because they may sometimes progress into skin cancer – this is pretty common among adults but may also happen to children. Monitor your mole for changes in size, shape, or color, the same as you would monitor your birthmarks. If your mole or birthmark has developed lesions on the surrounding skin, you should see a dermatologist immediately.

Book an appointment with our birthmark removal doctor at Dermatology & Skin Health to screen your marks. We offer integrated birthmark removal treatment.

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At Dermatology & Skin Health, we offer world-class services done by award-winning doctors who have proven their knowledge and skills in this field. Start your journey towards achieving your best skin by contacting us today.

How We Remove Birthmarks

Dermatology & Skin Health is equipped with advanced technology and highly-trained medical professionals to attend to your birthmark removal needs.

  • Consultation - your first step towards improving your quality of life and self-esteem or treating your birthmark starts with a series of consultations with us. We will assess your birthmark, interview you for other symptoms you may be experiencing, and check your medical records. Our healthcare providers will also screen your candidacy for our birthmark removal treatment.
  • Treatments - we offer comprehensive treatment for removing your birthmark. Aside from removing them to improve your self-esteem, we also look into possible underlying risks, like skin cancer and other medical conditions.
  • Medications - our birthmark removal doctor can also prescribe medications for your marks in their proliferative phase. They usually disappear on their own after some time – your doctor will treat the remnants with a laser birthmark removal procedure or surgical excision.
    • Beta-blockers
    • Corticosteroid
  • Laser treatment - laser birthmark removal is an effective treatment for your marks. This treatment option can be specifically helpful for vascular birthmarks and other red birthmarks as it shrinks and eliminates every blood vessel.
  • Surgical removal - surgical excision is also a birthmark treatment. For small marks, local anesthesia is enough. If your birthmark is large, you might need to be under general anesthesia. Your doctor will use a scalpel to remove your birthmark.

Dermatologist & Skin Health has board-certified dermatologists. They can provide you with the right skin treatments for your birthmark or other skin conditions, procedures, and surgical services.

Schedule an Appointment at Dermatology & Skin Health to Remove Your Birthmarks

Birthmarks are usually harmless, but patients may still opt to have them removed with medication, laser technology, or surgery. Dermatology & Skin Health offers suitable treatment options to improve your condition or confidence.

  • Highly-trained medical professionals
  • Comprehensive services
  • Kind and compassionate team

Your birthmark removal starts with scheduling a consultation with us. Know more about your treatment options for mark and mole removal at Dermatology & Skin Health. We also offer other services, like laser therapy, acne treatment, skin cancer treatment, scar revision, laser hair removal, and more. Call any of our offices across New Hampshire and Boston to schedule an appointment, or fill out a form at our website.

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