Unwanted Fat

Like with all unwanted fat that creeps up on our bodies, excess belly, back and chin fat are concerns that become more prevalent with age.

We all would like a flatter tummy but this is known to be one of the most difficult areas to slim down for men and women alike. Belly fat around your midsection is often extremely resistant to diet and exercise.

Back fat is another commonly mentioned trouble zone that many want to address. This excess back fat can be from weight gain and genetic predisposition. It could also be due to a decrease in skin firmness and the loss of collagen that begins after the age of 30.

Submental fat, which is located under your chin, is another target area many would like help with. There are now multiple techniques and technologies available to address a double chin.

Hormones, stress, aging, genetics and a busy schedule are all contributing factors of unwanted fat. However, there are options available to get back into your desired shape with little effort.

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