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Dermatology and Skin Health Improving Our Green Efforts!

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Recent changes have been made at Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa to further our green efforts. With the renovations two and half years ago, thermal solar heating tubes and solar panels were installed on the roof. These heat the water tank for the Aemetio Spa and provide much of the electricity for the building, which helps to minimize our energy needs.

Speaking of electricity, new improvements have been made to reduce the amount used. Previously on standard halogen light bulbs, Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa have been completely converted to LED and CFL light bulbs. This reduced our energy usage by up to 2,956 kilowatts per light bulb and each bulb lasts up to 48,800 hours longer than the previous light bulbs. This clearly cuts down on the waste that Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa produce, since fewer light bulbs are discarded and replaced.

The waste that Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa produce has also been drastically reduced. Previously, a twenty-yard dumpster was used for all of the waste and it was emptied every two weeks. Recently, that dumpster has been replaced with a five-yard dumpster and a large recycling dumpster, which are emptied every one to two weeks, reducing our waste by up to seventy-five percent. This reduces our carbon footprint and saves on water, gasoline, oil, electricity, trees, and landfill spaces, all elements of processing waste.

Being mindful and respectful of our community and environment are high on the minds of Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa. Constantly looking for ways to improve keeps us connected and relevant not only to Dover, NH and the surrounding communities, but also to the planet at large. You can feel good about visiting Dermatology and Skin Health Medi-Spa for more reasons than one!

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