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Dermatology & Skin Health Sponsers Sunscreen Dispensers in Newburyport

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You remember the bright yellow sunscreen dispensers we’ve been working on getting placed throughout the state and beyond in recent years, right? Of course you do!

Sunscreen Dispensers from IMPACT Melanoma on Vimeo.

Well, we’re back teaming up with our pal Laurie Seavey and IMPACT Melanoma to aide in the installation of those same dispensers down in Newburyport, Mass. So, if you’re out enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend, and happen to be in or around Newburyport, take notice that you’re likely to see three brand new installs in the downtown area.

“The Newburyport Health Department is so excited to partner with Dermatology & Skin Health, and Impact Melanoma to be able to provide free sunscreen for our residents and visitors during the busy summer months, said Newburyport Public Health Nurse, Pamela Palombo. “The dispensers are a great way to help raise awareness about the importance of regular sunscreen use in the reduction of skin cancer, and make sunscreen readily accessible to everyone.”

We’re so pleased to be continually involved with our surrounding communities and helping to facilitate the education and remedial efforts associated with protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There’s not need to hide from the sun, just use caution and slather on that sunscreen to prevent the growing incidences of skin cancers. Okay? Okay.

“One thing I deeply appreciate about our work here at Dermatology & Skin Health, is how we’re able to partner and work with great community driven organizations,” said Dr. Gary Mendese of Dermatology & Skin Health. “It’s inspiring to me to forge these bonds and to collaboratively work for the good of everyone throughout our greater communities. As a Mohs Surgeon, I deal firsthand with the removal of existing melanomas and other skin cancers that can significantly affect patients' lives. Impact, in this case, comes in the form of pushing forward, and by helping to install these sunscreen dispensers in Newburyport to help inform people that exposure to the sun needs to be approached in a safe, routine manner. The adverse effects are very real, and can be very scary. Deadly, in fact…”

The specially designed dispensers, which are being purchased and installed across the country, are part of Practice Safe Skin, a program that offers sunscreen as an effective preventive measure to help avoid sun over-exposure year round. Each sunscreen dispenser is equipped with four 1000 mL bags of sunscreen and contains an all-natural blend of 6% zinc and 6% titanium SPF-30 sunscreen, safe for people aged 6-months and up. Ingredients are printed on the machines upon installation.

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