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Dr. Campbell readies for Orlando conference

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Dr. James Campbell will be presenting at the The Dermatology Nurses' Association on May 1-4 in Orlando, Fla.

QUESTION: What topics will you be presenting?
ANSWER: I’m actually doing three lectures on two different topics: Bites and Stings — everything from insects to jellyfish, how to recognize them and how to treat them. The next one is on photosensitivity (medications etc.).

Q: Who is this program meant for and how many have of these have you attended?
A: It’s a national convention for nurse practitioners and nurses in dermatology. This is the fourth time I’ve spoken at this annual meeting. They ask me about every other year.

Q: What are you hoping attendees will take with them?
A: More awareness on what to expect, how to recog and treat, basically it’s designed to enhance their clinical skills.

Q: What is the part of the conference that you are most looking forward to?
A: I always liked the nurse practitioners forum.

Q: What active clinical trials are you conducting?
A: I’m working on a biologic medication for psoriasis and a topical antiinflammatory for acne.

Q: What would you take with you to a desert island?
A: My iPhone, I guess. Assuming I could get a signal.

To learn more about this year's Dermatology Nurses' Assocation conference, visit

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