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Dr. Mendese Hosts Skinny On Skin Training Session at Dermatology and Skin Health

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Dermatology and Skin Health, at its operative core, is all about keeping a close eye on its patients’ skin and ensuring that it’s as healthy and vibrant as can be. That includes those curious “spots” that could potentially amount to something terrible if not found and treated in a timely manner. That something is skin cancer. And there isn’t a soul on this planet that is immune to it – especially if you’re not taking proactive measures to remediate the dangers of UV radiation, etc.

As many of you know, we have the Skin Health Medi-Sparight downstairs within our facility. Did you know that many Americans see estheticians and other related beauty professionals every six weeks, while only visiting their primary care practitioner once or twice a year? The obvious takeaway is this: we need to arm beauty professionals with the knowledge to spot potential problem areas on their clients’ skin, scalp, and nails during their treatments.

In support of this notion, our own Dr. Gary Mendese led a Skinny On Skin training here at Dermatology and Skin Health on Tuesday, March 20th.

What is the Skinny On Skin?

Skinny On Skin is a program offered by IMPACT Melanoma, a national skin cancer awareness non-profit organization. We teamed up with them for this well-attended event.

Skinny On Skin teaches salon professionals how to screen for suspicious moles and other worrisome skin lesions while performing common salon services. Professionals who closely examine skin on a regular basis, such as hair stylists, estheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists are in a unique position to spot melanoma and other forms of skin cancer on a client long before anyone else. The Skinny On Skin is a training session enabling these professionals to become certified, and hence, able to offer this life-changing service to their customers.

Dr. Mendese met with a roomful of attendees spanning from across the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts region. He taught the importance (and gave examples) of what to look for, and illustrated just how easy it can be to potentially save a life while delivering applicable spa treatments. Overall, the event was a success, and we were so pleased to hold court to such a worthwhile endeavor and worthy cause.

“The evening was a lot of fun,” said Mendese. “A lot of interesting and relevant questions were brought up by a variety of hairdressers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists which helped steer the evening and gave me thought-provoking material for the future sessions; I would definitely do it again!”

So stay connected with us to learn more and to be in the know the next time we offer a community-facing event such as this one!

You can also join a training session near you or take the eLearning course that IMPACT Melanoma offer as well:

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