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Employee Spotlight: Frances Furbish

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Frances Furbish is not only a good witch (see her photo for proof) and a team player (see her other photo for proof), but she’s the billing manager/bookkeeper for Dermatology & Skin Health. The Eliot, Maine resident started working as a contractor for DSH in September 2004 and in January 2010, she joined the DSH staff full-time.

If you attended the recent Martinis for Melanoma benefit for the nonprofit Make Big Change, Frances was the woman in the dress who hopped on the bicycle that was up for auction, and rode it about in front of the stage. That’s fun, and that’s Frances.

Here, she answers a few of our hard-hitting questions:

What makes you want to head to work every day? No day is the same. I like variety. I have lots of piles and projects and my inbox is full. That’s what I call “job security.” Plus, my co-workers are good to work with.

What is one thing that the public doesn’t know about Dr. Campbell that you are allowed to tell us? Dr. Campbell treats his employees like his own family.

Where do you go in Dover for lunch or dinner? I will get a salad from Hannafords most of the time. My family and I enjoy River Bend Pizza & Subs -- simple things.

What do you do on a day off? I am a workaholic. I still have a small side business for my bookkeeping so I am usually catching up on that work - but in the summer I love going to our camp. In winter I work around our house projects like painting rooms.

Do you ever go to the Medi-Spa? I am a very frequent client of the SPA! I have my hair and nails done there, IPL, Pelleve and I use their makeup. Love it !!

What’s the craziest color or design you’ve had on your nails? I am not that crazy when it comes to that so I let Nicole, the nail technician, decide for me. I have had orange, pink, purple, waterfalls, shamrocks and polkadots.

If you were locked in the employee break room, who would I call to get me out? Hmmmm. I guess that would be Laurie Seavey, my partner in crime, (unless she was locked in there with me.) If I locked myself in there stupidly I would not want anyone to know and she would be the one who would not tell.

Please finish this sentence: “When I think of the people I work with at Dermatology & Skin Health, I think of my work family.”

What are you proudest of about Dermatology & Skin Health? I am proud to say that we are a great group of people who care about Dermatology & Skin Health. We like to work hard, work together and play together!  We like to have fun but we get our work done and our patients are #1.

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