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Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Grant

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Tell us a bit about the responsibilities of a Clinical Nurse Manager? What’s your day-to-day look like?

Grant: There is really no typical day for a Clinical Nurse Manager. This role involves a lot of day-to-day management of clinical staff and office resources to ensure quality care is being provided to each and every one of our patients. I am not only here to support our clinical staff, but also as a direct resource for our patients. I want patients to know that I am here to help with whatever their need may be; weather it is a question, concern, or just a listening ear.

What do you enjoy about being a working professional/resident in the Seacoast?

Grant: I live in the Seacoast area and absolutely love it (Well… maybe everything other than the cold winters, but I do take advantage of that time to do some skiing). I think working and living in the seacoast area is a unique opportunity for me, as I know the great people of this area and have the privilege of serving them.

What brought you to Dermatology and Skin Health?

Grant: I came to Dermatology and Skin Health because of their unwavering reputation as one of the best dermatology practices in the region, and I wanted to be a part of that.

How long have you been in the healthcare field? What got you interested in pursuing this type of “service”?

Grant: I have been a registered nurse for 6 years. My interest in the healthcare field started when I was young, I would take my mom`s old anatomy and physiology textbook from college and I remember just flipping through the pages being fascinated by the human body. My dad is also in healthcare and I grew up having so much respect for him and his profession, so I guess I would have to thank my parents for sparking my interest. I ultimately decided to pursue a career in nursing because I love how multifaceted it is. It’s a career where I can challenge myself academically while caring for those in need.

I got into the field of Dermatology specifically out of curiosity, and once I was in it I fell in love. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its also really complex. I think a lot of us take our skin for granted, but it is truly amazing all the things it does for us. We need to take really good care of our skin, and as a nurse it is fun helping people do just that.

Do you have any sort of professional “mantra” or philosophy that fuels the work you set out to do?

Grant: “You got this.” I use this a lot because I think whether we say it to ourselves, or someone else, it helps ignite that boost of confidence and positive mentality that we all need to be successful.

What excites you about working with the team at Dermatology and Skin Health?

Grant: Gosh… where do I start? I am excited to become of part of the Dermatology and Skin heath team because they are the total package. From the medical, surgical, and cosmetic services they provide to the pride each and every employee takes in their job – it makes for a great atmosphere to work in. As a nurse, it’s really exciting to also be working with some amazing advance practice nurses. These nurses have taken the profession to the highest level, so I really look forward having them as mentors.

What’s the importance of “working as a team”?

Grant: Teamwork is key in any work environment, but critical in the medical field. Delivering quality care to every patient that walks in the door is accomplished with many hands. Synergy between the different roles in the office ensures a positive experience for each of our clients.

What kind of team player do you consider yourself?

Grant: I consider myself to be somewhat of the "peacemaker." I like to avoid conflict, but I also know in some cases it is inevitable. I like to be the person on the team who can see alternative viewpoints and work towards a solution that benefits everyone.

What’s one thing that everybody needs to know about you?

Grant: Mexican food is the key to my heart!

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