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Get ready for Night at the Museum II Aug. 22-24

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A fantastic fundraiser is a marquee event. That’s why Night at the Woodman Museum is back to enlighten and entertain the Garrison City from Aug. 22 to Aug. 24.

If you were lucky enough to attend last year’s sold-out run, you’ll be in for new treats at this year’s showing, subtitled: Notable Events: The Good, the Bad and the Strange.

The production will include 22 scenes of Dover history that come to life during the hour and a half tour through the grounds of the museum at 182 Central Ave.  Dermatology & Skin Health is happy to be part of this year’s festivities by participating as an underwriter. Dennis Ciotti, a business owner and lifelong resident of the Garrison City, who is also a trustee of the Woodman Museum, is ready to do his part.

While you won’t see Ciotti as one of the 50 some-odd actors, “I’ll probably be a tour guide. You don’t want me acting,” he joked. What does he think of DSH being an underwriter? “I think it’s fantastic. Last year was our first and this is one of our annual fundraisers. That’s what it’s all about. We are a nonprofit that relies on donations and memberships to keep it going.” Ciotti also adds some friendly advice: Get your tickets NOW. “Last year was the first year and it was a sell out. We expect it to sell out again. Pre-promotion and advertising are 2-3 times larger… and through donations with Foster’s and WTSN, I think we’ll sell out even faster.”

Be sure to hit up the Night at the Museum to learn about the early settlers, their strange laws and the punishments that took place. You’ll see an early grist mill come alive and learn about the fire that destroyed another Dover mill. Meet a civil war soldier who fought at Gettysburg and Captain William Flagg whose crew captured a British cannon and supplied a captured bell to one of Dover’s earliest schools. More than 50 people are needed to act and assist in this historical presentation that benefits the museum. It’s fair to say Dermatology & Skin Health Practice Manager Laurie Seavey knows one of the actors pretty well: Her son Ross is portraying actor Ernest Borgnine in a scene from the 1951 movie “The Whistle at Eaton Falls,” which was filmed at the mill downtown. Seavey herself will be a newcomer to the event, “Unfortunately, I was unable to attend last year’s event, but I won’t miss this year. We love partnering with the Woodman Museum. It’s so interesting learning about events that went on in our own back yard years ago.” Seavey adds, “We are happy to underwrite and support such a great place for the entire family.”

Night at the Museum is underwritten by Dermatology and Skin Health and Foster’s Daily Democrat. Tickets are on sale at the museum by calling 742-1038. For information, visit

Dermatology and Skin Health is the premier dermatology practice in the seacoast area. It prides itself in the comprehensive medical, cosmetic and surgical services it offers patients of all ages in its state of the art facility located on Central Ave in Dover, across from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.


Laurie Seavey says: “If you haven't been to our office (784 Central Ave., Dover) we have our own little museum right here of over 25 photos. Photos include  President Teddy Roosevelt and Howard Taft's visit to Dover in the early 1900s along with tickets to the City Opera House from 1903 'The Working Girl' and 'Shipwrecked.' And we have multiple maps dating back to 1871."

Dennis Ciotti has a favorite object in the museum, and it’s not the oft-cited 10-foot polar bear either. “It’s Thom Hindle, the museum curator and the oldest artifact and most knowledgeable in the museum.”

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