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How to care for a biopsy site

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We perform a lot of biopsies in our office.  Often we are asked how to best care for a biopsy site... here are a few simple things you can do.

  1. Keep it covered. DO NOT leave it open to the air to breathe.  Any wound or biopsy will heal quicker if kept moist and covered.
  2. Apply plain Vaseline or Aquaphor to the site.. many people are allergic or sensitive to topical  antibiotic creams.
  3. Keep the site clean with plain soap and water. DO NOT use peroxide, it can irritate the skin.
  4. Keep the wound covered with a simple band-aid.  If you are allergic to latex, use latex free paper tape.

If ever in doubt about how your wound is healing.  Call the office at 603-742-5556 and ask to speak to a nurse.

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