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Interesting Technology...from Scotland..

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Those smart and savvy Scots have devised a wristband that tells the wearer when overexposure to the sun is imminent.

Professors at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland have developed wearable technology that warns its wearer when overexposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun is imminent. The technology will be distributed by Intellego Technologies and will first be introduced as a wristband to be worn outside. The monitoring device will change colors to provide a visual cue to its user that they are at risk of overexposure to the UV radiation provided by the sun.

Professor Andrew Mills and Dr Michael McFarlane of the University who invented the device will be retained by Intellego as consultants. They found a great demand for such a warning device because too much exposure to damaging UV rays can lead to malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Worldwide studies put the number of cases of melanoma at 200,000 in 2008.

As the risks of sunburn elevates, the monitor works by changing color drastically from yellow to pink. The change in color is due to an acid-release agent; which picks up ultraviolet light and dye that responds to pH levels in the indicator. When the agent becomes decomposed by the sunlight it changes colors rapidly, thus indicating it might be time to get out of the sun or to reapply sun protection.

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