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Introducing Alaina Iannazzi, PA-C

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We’re pleased to announce the addition of Alaina Iannazzi, PA-C to our team! Alaina spent a considerable amount of time working for Brigham and Women’s Hospital prior to joining us here at Dermatology & Skin Health. She’ll be in the office starting next week, and is now accepting appointments, which will begin the week of September 25th. Alaina be seeing both adult and pediatric patients and also has an interest in a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Let’s get to know her a little bit more:

Why dermatology? What got you interested in it? Dermatology has always been very personal to my own being. At 8 years old I was diagnosed with Vitiligo, something I had to accept was a part of me for the rest of my life. It was challenging at times because kids can be cruel and make fun of others, especially when they see something they have never seen before.

When I was in PA school I developed adult acne vulgaris. With my skin tone, I also developed PIHP (post inflammation hyperpigmentation). This was so devastating and embarrassing for me. At times it was hard to leave my house, to see friends or family. Over many years and with the right dermatologist, my condition improved. I still struggle to this day with pigment irregularities and break outs on my face but I was able to get my confidence back. For me I have a deeper understanding and empathy towards patients and their dermatologic conditions. Dermatologic conditions are visual. Even though you may be well on the inside, when you look in the mirror and see something you are embarrassed, ashamed of, you are constantly reminded every day, multiple times a day of it. That can wear on you.  Whether it is acne, rosacea, rashes, etc. It’s what I went through that drives my passion to help others and watch they improve over time.

What excites you about joining the Dermatology and Skin Health Practice? I’m excited to join a well-run efficient practice with excellent providers.

What do you enjoy about being a working professional/resident in the Seacoast? It is a new area for me. I love Portsmouth (and Dover!) and am excited to learn a new part of the state.

What brought you to Dermatology and Skin Health? I applied for the position when I saw it. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure about the commute. After I had my interview and met with all the providers I knew this was the place I could grow as a provider.

How long have you been in the healthcare field? What got you interested in pursuing this type of “service”?   I knew when I was at Bryant University the business world was not for me. I needed to be more hands on and enjoyed caring for people. There is a long line of nurses in my family, starting with my great aunt who became a nurse in 1953. I have may other family members who are nurses including my mother.

My best friend is a nurse and when we were in college she made mention that she saw me in a higher position like a PA. I started in 2009 as a Certified Medical Assistant after I graduated from College, to get better hands on experience. I knew I could go on and applied to PA programs from there.

Do you have any sort of professional “mantra” or philosophy that fuels the work you set out to do? Never stop learning. Even if you already know the information... To learn from others – their experiences can only benefit you. I try to learn from everyone, which has made me the person I am today. I am constantly learning and changing all the time. You never want to be set in your ways or sedentary.

What’s the importance of “working as a team”? It is everything. I started as a nursing assistant and knew if I didn’t do my job right, even though it was small, it affected the nurses and continued down the line to the physicians. I understand the hard work everyone puts it. I am not afraid to help clean the rooms, change the beds or take out the trash. If we all work together then the practice runs smoothly. Patients can tell when there is stress in the office or things are going accordingly and that is the last thing you want for them to notice.

What kind of team player do you consider yourself? I think I am a combination of a leader but also hard worker that is not afraid to get involved and put in the work to ensure what needs to be done gets done.

What’s one thing that everybody needs to know about you?  “Game of Thrones” is everything.  Really though, I love to get to know people, have fun and laugh.

For more information on Alaina, read her bio here.

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