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Introducing Allison Ingram, LPN

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We’re pleased to welcome LPN, Allison Ingram to our team! You may have seen her around the office… If you haven’t feel free to say hello the next time you’re in!

Let’s get to know her a bit more:

Why dermatology? What got you interested in it?When I first started in dermatology in 2011, I was looking to learn something new, but I quickly realized I had found my passion. I have always been into skincare and enjoy learning about the new products and techniques. To be able to help others take care of their skin and educate them about skin cancer prevention is both enjoyable and rewarding.

What excites you about joining the Dermatology and Skin Health Practice? (Or rather, when did you start?) From the second I walked in the door, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It’s exciting to join a group of such caring individuals.

What do you enjoy about being a working professional/resident in the Seacoast? I actually just moved to the seacoast with my family, but I am loving it so far. There is a really strong sense of community, which I appreciate. I look forward to exploring more of the coast when the weather is nicer.

What brought you to Dermatology and Skin Health? I took a break from Dermatology for a few years, and really felt like I needed to get back to it –I felt like something was missing. Dermatology and Skin Health feels like the perfect place for me to continue learning and growing professionally. The providers here have such a wealth of knowledge that they seem so willing to share. It is inspiring.

How long have you been in the healthcare field? What got you interested in pursuing this type of “service”? My mom has worked in healthcare since I was very young. I grew up in a family that had a strong focus on helping others, and I really caught the drive to take care of others. When I was in high school I started working as a LNA, and I continued that right though nursing school. The ability to help someone, and to feel like the time that you spent with them either providing a service or education, is impacting their life in some way is just a wonderful thing. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Do you have any sort of professional “mantra” or philosophy that fuels the work you set out to do? "Get it, Girl!" It's short and kind of silly, but it really inspires me to keep going, to not stop, and chase the goal. I find myself saying it to other women often, to inspire them to be confident in themselves and remind them that they can do it, they can get through it, too.

What’s the importance of “working as a team”? Working as a team is what healthcare is all about. One person doesn't know everything, but everyone knows something that is valuable to the end goal.

What kind of team player do you consider yourself? The team mom. I am usually the one keeping everything organized and doing whatever it takes to keep things running smoothly. Making sure everyone on the team is doing ok, and has everything they need to complete the task.

What’s one thing that everybody needs to know about you? I have a wicked sense of humor!

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