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Visitors to the Dermatology and Skin Health website will notice a fresh facelift under way. Not totally complete yet, the Our Body of Work section has already made an impression.

DSH, working with Boldwerks, a Portsmouth, N.H. based marketing company, decided what better way to showcase the company than through stories from actual patients and clients?

The next step would be how to choose which clients to feature. That opportunity came to Laurie Seavey. As practice manager, Laurie knew firsthand which people had come through the doors at 784 Central Ave. in Dover. The folks she chose were a variety of ages and diagnoses, all with a unique story to tell. In addition, Laurie says, “We picked patients that expressed how wonderful an experience they had at our practice, and felt truly grateful for their experience with us.”

How best to tell these stories (in addition to interviews conducted by Boldwerks)? Photographs -- of course -- were key to the puzzle. Lou Goodman, from Lou Goodman Photography in Wayland, Mass., came to Dermatology and Skin Health for a very intense photo session with real patients/clients Bruce Bacon, Elaine Riley, Missy Payne and daughter Kyla and Janice Martin. Lou said, “The entire shoot took one day...but it was a very intensive, high energy day.”

What did it mean to the veteran photographer to be able to work with actual clients rather than models for this shoot?

“I always prefer to work with real people. Making a connection with real patients/clients is just a more spontaneous, organic process. It takes an amazingly talented actor to transmit a believable emotion. Something the actual client/patient already has... I think there's more substance and usually more fun working with the actual clients and patients. Models look good...but it's a rare one that can communicate authenticity.”

In addition, Laurie Seavey was hands on: “WOW It was a blast. The energy that Lou Goodman brought was spectacular, and he captured the photos of our models personality to perfection,” she said.

Kicking things off on the DSH web page is Bruce Bacon. He’s a cancer survivor (and a man who knows how to wear a hat -- as you’ll see from the images). Bruce isn’t shy about sharing his experience at DSH. “To me, the surgery seemed like it was just a minor thing; a quick incision. But I know it’s deeper than that. I just thought their care was of the highest quality. You might expect the strides they take to make you feel comfortable if you’re about to experience open-heart surgery… The folks at Dermatology and Skin Health treat all their procedures like that. I just thought it was above and beyond… Just a super job.”

Next up is Elaine Riley. Her melanoma was stage three when she was examined by Dr. James Campbell -- a stage that demanded immediate and aggressive attention. Elaine says, “I’ve seen a lot of doctors. I feel like I’ve finally found a home with Dermatology and Skin Health. The doctors here are understanding and accurate. I can’t say enough good things about the staff. They treat you as an individual and make you feel very comfortable. You’re not just ‘another person’ to them, which I deeply admire, respect and appreciate.”

For Missy Payne the story was about how her daughters were treated for their individual skin issues at DSH -- and it was stellar. “Both of my children -- both girls -- are normally going in to the doctors,” says Missy. “They typically don’t like male physicians because they are little and get nervous. A combination of Dr. Campbell’s demeanor and the receptionist’s wonderful greeting at the front desk immediately put them perfectly at ease during the entire office visit.”

Lastly, Janice Martin told us her experience visiting DSH for facial rejuvenation. She visits the practice for cosmetic purposes -- to reduce age defining properties.

Janice says, “After I leave, I feel rejuvenated. When I leave I know that I am going to be looking younger. Botox takes a few days to show clear results so every day you look a little better. It helps me. I feel fresher, more youthful and, full of optimism. It’s a wonderful experience and Dr. Campbell is wonderful at what he does and how he administers it He is a talented doctor. He knows just what to do. I’m thankful for him.”

When asked which part of the “Our Body of Work” project she enjoyed most, Practice Manager Laurie Seavey couldn’t choose just one. “I loved having a hand in the shooting of the subjects. Hearing their individual stories about our practice, learning more about them as we got them comfortable in front of the camera and there personalities came shining through.”

We will be adding more stories to these pages over time. Visit the page at

To make an appointment for your own visit to Dermatology and Skin Health to begin your own story, call 742-5556

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