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If you've see a new face in the offices of Dermatology and Skin Health, it's Abby Niziol. She's been soaking up knowledge from Niki Bryn, Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner. We're happy to have her (and glad to hear she's a fan of the Garrison City). Read on to discover a little more about the Boston College student.

QUESTION: What's the short story of what you are doing at DSH?

ABBY: I am here at DSH completing clinical hours towards my Family Nurse Practitioner degree. I am being precepted by Niki Bryn, DCNP. As a student, this site offers me opportunities to perform thorough skin evaluations, identify and differentiate between benign and suspicious skin lesions, identify and manage acute and chronic skin conditions, as well as educate patients on proper care of their skin, including sun exposure education.

QUESTION: How long have you been here, and how long until you're through?

ABBY: I have been here at DSH since January, and will be here until the end of April. As nurse practitioner students, our clinical rotations are typically a semester (or two) long. Official graduation is May 18 (...yes, I have a countdown!)

QUESTION:  At this point, what do you want to do with your life, professionally?

ABBY: At this point, I am still unsure of what I'd like to accomplish in my professional career. I know I would like to specialize, and I love working with patients across the lifespan. Factors that are going to influence my first job decision will include things like how "new-graduate-friendly" the facilities are, what patient populations I will be working with, and location. I think being an active member of professional nurse practitioner organizations is imperative for maintaining an up-to-date standard of care in practice. Whatever I decide to do professionally, I will be a member of associated professional organizations.

QUESTION: What school do you attend, and how does Boston compare to Dover?

ABBY: I attend Boston College. Boston is great, but I decided to move up to New Hampshire and commute to school. I'd take Dover over Boston any day! Fresher air, less traffic, more space...what's not to love?

QUESTION:  What's the coolest thing you've discovered during your time at DSH?

ABBY: The coolest thing I've discovered during my time at DSH is that sunscreen is the simplest yet most effective way to preserve healthy, young, youthful-looking skin. Of course, I always knew the benefits of using sunscreen, but actually seeing the damage that the sun can do over the course of many years is astounding, and puts everything is perspective. If everyone had the opportunity to work in dermatology, even for one day, I think sunscreen would be much more appreciated and utilized. As my preceptor says, "Pale is the new tan!"

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