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Letter from the last looooooong run

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Hi guys,

The last long run is in the books. Along with one of my teammates, I ran the Eastern States 20 miler on Sunday (March 30). It was initially looking like an epic day to run with 15mph steady winds, horizontal rains, and chilly temps, but as the race started the rains stopped and the winds turned to the northeast creating a sweet tail wind. Using it as a training run, and less a race, ran a steady 8:25 pace and felt great. Teammate, Jen, was able to hold that pace for 20 miles which was faster than her marathon pace. Great work Jen!

While we ran we chatted about marathon nutrition, gear, and interesting facts about the race.

  • Did you know that women were officially allowed to run in 1972?!
  • Did you know that the highest point on the course is the start at 490 feet above sea level?
  • Did you know that in 1905, temperatures for the race were 100 degrees? In 1967 there were snow squalls!?

The taper begins, which means a slight decrease in volume. No more 70 miles a week of running. We will cut back to 50's 🙂 but will maintain my speed and tempo running. Will also be running those notorious Newton hills in a week with teammates.

Happy running,

Michelle Roy
Physicians Assistant
Team Running for Cover
Team DSH

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