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Michelle Roy conquers Boston Marathon

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We have been following Michelle Roy, PA-C, MHS for months now as she’s trained for the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21. Well, blog readers, we’re happy to report she finished both her fundraising and foot racing with flying colors. At press time, $27,406 was raised for Team Running for Cover (exceeding the $20,000 goal). The money will benefit the Melanoma Foundation of New England.

Michelle’s time? 3 hours and 37 minutes. Here’s more from the amazing athlete herself.

BOLDWERKS: This isn’t your first marathon -- what set this one apart from the others?

MICHELLE ROY: Indeed this was not my first marathon, but this one was like no other. The crowds were amazing. From start to finish, there was not one section of real estate from Hopkinton to Boston that was not covered by a fan screaming your name. It was crazy, loud, inspiring, and most of all really fun.

BOLDWERKS: Please tell us how people from DSH helped you on your 2014 Boston Marathon journey.

MICHELLE:  Had support from the entire office... lots of well wishes via text and on Facebook from staff who could not be there. Laurie Seavey, Francis Furbish, Eileen Shatinsky, Sunny and her daughter and of course, Dr. Campbell, all came down to participate in the cheering sectional mile 17 for DSH.

BOLDWERKS: What did you draw from to finish the 26.2 miles?

MICHELLE:  It was hard not to draw from the crowds of people shouting your name, especially as we came into Brookline. From Brookline to the finish the crowds were some six rows deep on either side. Also, seeing my husband, Pete, at mile 25 was perfect. So many well known people on the course, passing the Hoyts at mile 16 was also pretty special.

BOLDWERKS:  We asked you to submit the favorite photo you took and that was taken of you. Please tell us about them.

MICHELLE: The photos include a pre race photo... as you can see I was super excited... and post race... pretty psyched for my time... it was a BQ time by 8 minutes for my age group.

BOLDWERKS: You just helped raise $27,406 for Team Running for Cover. Congratulations! What’s your next step?

MICHELLE: Next up, I race for Acidotic Racing… a local endurance team with deep routes in the New England community. My race season is just beginning...lots of trail races, Xterra events,a few ultras and mountain biking endurance events. I’ll be doing my first 12 hour event this summer. I also have decided to do another marathon in December... the Cayman Island International. I really want to place in top five for women:) I plan to start do specific training for that marathon in September. Look out for me there!

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