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Oh, what a year! Dermatology and Skin Health - 2014

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2014 was a great year for Dermatology and Skin Health.

We are continuing to immerse ourselves in the Seacoast community -- everywhere from road races to sunscreen clinics at area camps (Thank you to The Works!) We'll be performing outreach, and even supporting our terrific Michelle Roy as she takes on and tackles the Boston Marathon once more.

Dermatology and Skin Health were honored to underwrite -- alongside Foster's Daily Democrat -- the primary fundraiser for Dover's historic treasure, the Woodman Museum. Night at the Woodman Museum enlightened and entertained the Garrison City for two great August nights (and Practice Manager Laurie Seavey's son Ross had a blast portraying actor Ernest Borgnine in a scene.) We hope you got a chance to attend!

September brought The Minion Milers' Challenge, during which, led by Dr. Campbell, the group walked 50 miles Sept. 5 to Sept. 7. By participating, teams helped support programs, services, and research sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Minion Milers were Samantha Wibel, Dr. James Campbell Jr., Kimberly McGillicuddy, Jackie Sells, Sunny Wencek and Katie Barrett.

2014 also came with its share of recognition. We were pleased to announce the addition of our own Michelle M. Roy to The Melanoma Foundation of New England’s Board of Directors. Roy, our board certified physician assistant, has now added another outstanding responsibility to her plate. We are very proud of her. (See more at:…)

Toward October, we announced the Dermatology and Skin Health website had a fresh new look under way. DSH, working with Boldwerks, a Portsmouth-based marketing company, decided what better way to showcase the company than through stories from actual patients and clients? The next step for Our Body Of Work section would be how to choose which clients to feature. That opportunity came to Laurie Seavey. As practice manager, Laurie knew firsthand which people had come through the doors at 784 Central Ave. in Dover. The folks she chose were a variety of ages and diagnoses, all with a unique story to tell. In addition, Laurie says, “We picked patients that expressed how wonderful an experience they had at our practice, and felt truly grateful for their experience with us.”

And we're not done yet. In December, we said a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the first event for our nonprofit, MAKE BIG CHANGE. We raised $3,500. Taking small steps to MAKE BIG CHANGE in the fight against skin cancer in the State of NH. We are embarking on two projects to prevent and educate the citizens of our state. Look for more exciting events as well as blogs about our upcoming projects.

That's it for now -- here's hoping you have wonderful holidays, and we look forward to seeing and working with you in the new year!

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