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Bruce Bacon Skin Cancer Story

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Retired teacher, and current visual artist Bruce Bacon is a survivor. He has had his skin routinely checked over the span of his adult life, and when a melanoma was found on his skin, it was early enough to have it removed without complication or consequence.

For Bruce, he looked at the procedure as a simple one, but the level of care that was administered was, in his words, “above and beyond.”


Bacon had been seeing Dermatology and Skin Health practitioner, Niki Bryn, for quite some time, visiting routinely at a rate of two checkups a year.

“If I had to sum it up in two words I would say that it’s been ‘most excellent,’ said Bacon. “But I’ll expound a bit… I have been seeing Niki Bryn, and she is just a wonderful lady. She is a top professional and is very caring and thorough. The whole staff has been wonderful, from the moment you walk in and see the receptionist, to the nurses, on up to the top doctor, James Campbell; they are very kind people.”

Bacon continues to proactively maintain an examination schedule that includes two checkups a year with Dermatology and Skin Health.

“To me, the surgery seemed like it was just a minor thing; a quick incision. But I know it’s deeper than that. I just thought their care was of the highest quality. You might expect the strides they take to make you feel comfortable if you’re about to experience open-heart surgery… The folks at Dermatology and Skin Health treat all their procedures like that. I just thought it was above and beyond. I know they’re all busy, so I was immensely impressed with the level of care that goes into everything they do. Just a super job.”


Bacon said he is fully aware of the implications that came from having his melanoma found and quickly removed. He knows that it could have been a potentially life-threatening situation, and is overcome with joy when he speaks about how well taken care of he was by everyone at Dermatology and Skin Health. He suggested that the level of comfort is so high that he felt as if he was “one of the family.”

It may seem like a small thing, but Bacon was so moved by the level of care he received that he put his thoughts into a letter and hand delivered it.

“I expressed my gratitude in the letter because I don’t think that they hear how much they’re appreciated very often,” said Bacon. “I am sure that they are aware in their profession what happens if things are left unattended, and people are quick to point out bad experiences they have in this world, so I wanted to be sure that they knew exactly how I felt, and that I appreciated them negating what could have been a progressively bad situation. I didn’t feel like a patient. I felt like a person they cared about in a very deep manner. The comfort level is off the charts. They are true professionals.”