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Missy Payne Family Pediatric Story

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A huge aspect of Dermatology and Skin Health that the practice takes great pride in is its pediatric skincare services.

Missy Payne has been bringing her daughter Kyla to the facility since Kyla was a toddler. Kyla has faced a couple of ailments that Dr. James Campbell and his staff have worked to rectify, including reoccurring hives and a concerning rash that developed on her face.


Dr. Campbell examined and treated both of Kyla’s ailments simply, and successfully. Where many pediatric doctors may drag the process on and make children fidgety and uncomfortable, Dr. Campbell makes sure to work efficiently and effectively. It’s important to answer parent’s questions, but it’s also important to speak in a way that keeps the children calm.

Payne reiterated numerous times that the thing that impresses her the most about the pediatric care at Dermatology and Skin Health (outside of the actual healthcare element) is how easy and painless the appointments are at the establishment. That’s important to parents, and it’s important to kids. Kids can be nervous, and they can be impatient, so it’s important to be thorough, but not time consuming, and to make them feel comfortable. If they’re not comfortable, the rest may not even be possible.

“Both of my children – both girls – are normally nervous going into the doctors,” said Payne. “They typically don’t like male physicians because they are little and get nervous. A combination of Dr. Campbell’s demeanor and the receptionist’s wonderful greeting at the front desk immediately put them perfectly at ease during the entire office visit.”


Payne made reference that she had seen other pediatric care providers in the past, but none of them were as friendly, inviting, and efficient dealing with her children as the staff are at Dermatology and Skin Health. From the reception team upon entering the facility, to the initial skin check from physician’s assistant Michelle Roy, and on up to the diagnosis from Dr. Campbell – Payne is passionate about her stance that the Dermatology and Skin Health team are the professional leaders in pediatric care.

“They’re friendly, inviting, and not overbearing,” said Payne. They understand how to handle the differing personalities of children. Dr. Campbell is awesome with all my children. He makes them feel very comfortable. For Kyla, they’re always quick and easy appointments. No waiting. In-and-out. It’s a testament to his knowledge of medicine, and unique skillset of working well with children. Smiling and talking friendly… Making little kid jokes with them. Those things are important. They were given stickers on their way out. They leave happy every time.”