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Portion of Ron Cole's column published May 12, 2014 in Foster's Daily Democrat,

As the sun shines we seem finally to be experiencing the annual rebirth of life. When I find myself driving along Dover Point Road (at the 40 mph speed limit of course) with both front windows open, I know we have turned the corner.
A week or so ago, Mrs. Doin’s advised me that we had a destination to go to on May 8. Like all good spouses, I complied and we headed off to Skin Health Medi Spa, 784 Central Ave., across from the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for a spring open house. I found myself asking, “What I am doing here?” A spa, isn’t that where ladies go?
Guess what? It was sooo cool; a spa open house for the ladies and the guys. Dinner by Cartellis Restaurant with beer available. There were more than 140 men and women. Guys were having pedicures.
Scott Sansoucie of Dover even booked another one explaining, “my feet feel better.” Don Purdy was showing his fishing pictures to Dr. Jim Campbell and talking about his new 1930-something Cadillac. I’m thinking, “This is a spa?”
We all had an opportunity to go around the stations in the building, getting a card at each location and ending up with a poker hand that might have won a free massage. My 10-high did not win, but I ordered up a massage anyhow.

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