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Skin Health Medi-Spa Estheticians Oncology Certified

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We are so pleased to let everyone know that our own Skin Health Medi-Spa recently had several of its very talented estheticians become oncology certified. This further bolsters our overall saturation in the remediation of skin cancer across the entirety of our facility here in Dover. We’re fully armed and ready to continue our mission of protecting, helping, and healing everyone in the greater seacoast, and throughout the Northeast.

Esthetics is defined as a “pleasing appearance or effect,” particularly to the sense of sight. For skin care and spa professionals, that means analyzing the skin condition and providing therapeutic treatments with the use of products and/or equipment to reach satisfactory results. Cancer therapies, particularly chemotherapy, present numerous skin conditions because of their toxicity to the body, with many manifestations on the skin. Therefore, oncology esthetics professionals are qualified to recognize related side effects and tailor the treatments accordingly. The field consists of specialists in the medical community who can recognize the demand for a spa treatment from their patients and support their requests.[1]

What does having oncology certified estheticians mean?

Well, it means a number of things. For one, it enables our estheticians the ability to spot abnormalities on the skin and be able to differentiate between cancerous and benign lesions and refer them upstairs to our medical team if the former is believed to be present. Another step in the right direction of early intervention.

What are the other skills obtained during the oncology certified training?

·      Knowing how to perform safe and professional skin care services on patients/clients currently going through chemo and or radiation treatments

·      Knowing what to recommend for beneficial cosmetic products for oncology patients/clients

·      Knowing how to address skin conditions and reactions associated with oncology medications and therapies such as;

o   Mild epidermal dehydration

o   Dryness

o   Mild inflammation

·      Able to customize post-cancer clinical facial treatments that are designed on a case-by-case basis.

With credible training being provided to our licensed oncology esthetician personnel, we can help identify and bolster the benefits that oncology esthetics can offer a person living with cancer. The aim is to encourage esthetics treatments as an additional forms of therapy to help ease the disease’s effects on the skin.

[1]“Providing effective, holistic treatments to a new clientele in a safe environment.” - Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa • September 2009 –

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