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Spotlight on esthetician Kerry Roucoulet

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If Kerry "Buddy" "Ker" "Little One" Roucoulet seems as buoyant as the (awesome) curls framing her face, it’s because she truly loves her avocation.

She’s been an esthetician with Skin Health Medi-Spa (located beneath Dermatology and Skin Health) for about nine years.

She treats clients' skin and helps them put their best faces -- and other body parts -- forward.

1.What do you do at Skin Health Medi-Spa?
I am an esthetician. I do skin treatments of all kinds and skin rejuvenation treatments such as Pelleve, Intense Pulse Light, and Collagen Induction Therapy: also known as Microneedling. I also do makeup, pedicures, spray tans and hair removal of all kinds.

2. What about your job makes you want to head to work every day?
There's so many things.... My boss Corry and all the girls I work with are like my sisters. My clients are amazing. I work in a beautiful, serene, classy, clean , spa. I get to make women and men of all ages feel great about themselves and their experience at Skin Health. Who wouldn't want to head into work?! I'm lucky.

3. Where do you go for lunch in Dover? Dinner?
I tend to go wherever there are gluten free options or wherever my girls at work are ordering from. Today Corry and I got Thai Cuisine.

4. What do you do when you have a day off?
I mostly spend my time with my family and try to head up to our beach cottage in Wells, Maine... Or I clean my house. I clean a lot on my days off.

5. What are some of your favorite services at the spa?
My favorites are the treatments where you get serious results. I love the medical twist to my job... The Pelleve, I.P.L.. (Intense Pulse Light) Treatments, and Microneedling are some of my faves.

6. What’s the most fun / random thing you've done as an employee?
Where do I begin? Dr. Campbell and Corry Jennison are two of the most generous people I know. I've had the pleasure of enjoying everything from Red Sox game events, to trips to New York City, Vegas, and even Hawaii... Honestly I can't pick one. I am blessed. BUT... There was that one time with Corry in N.Y.C., when I sang (a certain Madonna song) live with a rock band...

7. If you were locked in the employee break room, who would you call to get you out?
I wouldn't call any of them. Id just post it on Facebook and I guarantee I’d be out of there fast.

8. If you could learn to do any job at either the Medi-Spa or Dermatology and Skin Health, what would it be and why?
Everyone's role is so important. But there's a hidden side to me that would love to learn to be a doctor... So it would be Dr. Campbell's roll. It fascinates me. He's one smart cookie!

9. What are you proudest of about the Medi-Spa?
The fact that when I started, Corry and I were only in two little rooms up in Dr. Campbell's office and now, look at us! We are a team of 12 in the Spa now, in a gorgeous environment, that has the BEST group of ladies anyone could ask for. It's all about the teamwork!

To book an appointment with Kerry, or any of the other estheticians, call 742-1980 and visit

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