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Spring is Here (Almost) - Protect Your Skin and Join Us at Martinis for Melanoma

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There are two things you need to know. The first thing is this: Spring is coming. It’s time to get back outside on the trails and enjoying the idea of ridding yourself of that irritating cabin fever. In anticipation of brighter, warmer days, we want to make sure you’re protecting your skin – because let’s face it, without skin, what would life be like? It’s not something you really want to find out.

Truth be toldNew Hampshire currently sits 61% higher than the national average of new skin cancer diagnoses. That’s not a good statistic to be associated with. We need to turn this around. Therefore, it’s indeed imperative that you take skin care seriously as you exercise outdoors. Here are four tips that’ll keep you covered.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

This simple action can save your skin, and potentially your life. Use a water-resistant sunscreen with 30 SPF or above, and remember to re-apply every couple hours, especially during intense activity.

  1. Remember the Less Obvious Body Parts

Don’t forget those ears, shoulders, neck, lips, and the top of the head -regardless of your hair, the sun finds its way through any small window.

  1. Wear Sun Protective Clothing

In short: Wear a shirt. Lighter colored fabrics may feel cooler on the skin, but darker fabrics actually work better to shield and deflect UV radiation. For the head and neck, consider a sun hat or bandana. And don’t forget sunglasses. Your eyes are important too.

  1. Consider Spending Time Outdoors During Off-Peak Hours

Though lunchtime is sometimes one of our only free hours of the day, it’s also when UV rays are strongest. Avoiding the 10am-4pm timeframe is strongly recommended. Set that alarm a little earlier and get your morning run in before work, or wait until after you’ve digested your dinner…

Okay, on to the second thing you need to know…

We’re so excited about our upcoming Martinis for Melanoma event. It’s the second annual. Last year we sold out in advance and the night was an absolute blast.

This year we’re raising funds to benefit the newly launched non-profit, Make Big Change. Are unfamiliar with Make Big Change?

The impetus behind forming Make Big Change was the recognition that we must act now. Without adequate support, education, and prevention initiatives, the destruction caused by this deadly disease will continue to skyrocket. Make Big Change was formed as an action-oriented organization wholly dedicated to fostering progressive steps towards reducing the incidence of skin cancers across the state of New Hampshire. Unite. Act. Make Big Change.

So please, join us. Help us make big change, and let’s once again enjoy a great evening supporting a great cause.

For tickets, CLICK HERE.

You can also call Laurie Seavey directly to reserve your spot: 603.742.5556

Tickets are $60/each or $100/pair.

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