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Ever want a recommendation for a skin care product while on the go? Maybe you’re at the local Walgreen’s, CVS or even high-end department store and don’t want to be bothered by a high-pressure salesperson. Then, you’ll want to install the mySkin mobile application on your iPhone. This new app from the team behind the popular recommendation site,, will help you sort out the product which will be perfectly suited for your skin type or condition. According to the company, app uses a recommendation engine called “Just Like Me” to find skincare products for you in “a personalized, scientific, and unbiased way.”

First, you’ll take a skin assessment consisting of questions about your skin type, diet, lifestyle factors and any other skin concerns which will help build a profile that the app can use to help find the most beneficial skin care product(s) for you. Upon completion of this phase, the app will provide recommendations from its database of over 160,000 skin care products. These products are from various retailers and manufacturers.

The company states that “the recommendation engine is powered by patent pending technology developed by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic pharmacologists.” Official list of application features:

* Check if a skincare product would work for your skin before buying

* Track skincare products you’ve used and share your experiences

* Build your skincare Wishlist to take to store or purchase online

* Get answers to your skincare questions, from a trusted and savvy skincare community

* Find your friends, see what they use, and follow skincare experts and mavens

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