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We have a rising star in the cycling circuit here at Dermatology & Skin Health

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Another race is in the books. On Saturday, April 6th, I was in Hornby, NY just outside of Corning to participate in my first Kermis style race. I entered the race back in February because I liked the way the race was described:

 ”A race in the style of a Belgian Kermis:  Bad weather, cold, rough roads and early season.  Only the tough and rugged rider need apply!”

Warm up

After reading other race reports, it looked like a good preamble to the Battenkill. I’m pleased to report I took 1st place for Cat 4 and Riverside Women’s Racing.

The course was a 7.3-mile loop of gnarly patches of ice, mud, gravel a few paved sections, and some challenging hills. The most challenging section was a 1/4-mile hill with 16-18% grade known as ”The Wall”. For Cat 4 riders, it needed to be completed 3 times.

It was a very chilly morning with temps hovering around d 22 degrees at the start time. They combined the start of the Cat 1, 2, 3 and Cat 4 women riders. There were 7 hearty women in on the fun. The Women’s Corning No Tubes team was there in full force and comprised the 1,2,3 Cat—some very strong riders.

The hills made this race. It was at the beginning of the third loop that I made my move against another Cat 4 rider who I’d gone back and forth with in the first two laps, N Bailey . . . an awesome rider. As we approached “The Wall” for the last time, I accelerated and caught the pace car as well as the Cat 1,2,3 ladies. I kept them in sight, but did not want to work with them and gain an unfair advantage.

As I crested the hill with 1.5 miles to the finish, I put the hammer down and treated it like a TT. The marshal on motorcycle and pace car were kind enough to move many of the Male Cat 5 riders out of the way for my debut finish at Hornby. A big thank you to them for that.

Click on the link below to follow Michelle's progress

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