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We've Added a Second Location in Peabody, Massachusetts

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We are officially offering patients a second location to be seen. Dr. Mendese has been treating patients part-time at Apex Health in Peabody, Massachusetts for several years, and now we have partnered with the office to serve as a second location for us at Dermatology and Skin Health. This provides patients two convenient locations to receive the exceptional dermatological care you've come to know and expect.

Dr. Gary Mendese and Nurse Practitioner Melissa Cyr will be available for appointments at both locations making for seamless patient care opportunities. The partnership presents flexibility from a number of beneficial vantage points.

“This is a great development for everyone involved,” said Mendese. “We’ve been long dedicated to making sure that we offer exemplary care to our patients, and being able to do that while offering geographic flexibility with regard to where appointments are booked is a great thing. We try as best we can to offer convenience to our patients, and this is another great step in achieving just that.”

For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dermatology and Skin Health’s team of providers at either location, click here.

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