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4 Aesthetic Treatments to Get You Ready for Summer

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It’s almost summer! That means beach season and wedding season are both right around the corner; are you ready? Here are 4 aesthetic treatments that will have you feeling and looking your best in time for the summer sun.

Body Contouring

In case you missed the phrases “almost summer” and “beach season,” let us reiterate: you will likely be out in public rocking minimal clothing very soon. If you want to tone up or treat stubborn fat, springtime is the best season to start. Treatments like EmSculpt and CoolSculpting can help you look your best in a bikini or bathing suit.

EmSculpt is the only FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass, while CoolSculpting is the only non-invasive and FDA-cleared fat-reduction treatment.* Together these treatments pack a one-two punch that will have your abs and your waistline looking swimsuit ready (or at least leave you feeling a bit less guilty about sneaking that second piece of cake).*


Injectables are a great option for any time of the year, but for that extra special occasion like say… a wedding? They’re practically a necessity! Make sure you look bright-eyed and ready for your close up with Botox. The active ingredient botulinum toxin type A suppresses communication between nerves and muscles by blocking the signal path and as a result the muscles no longer contract as intensely— aka no more wrinkles, and many more photo ops.* Pair your Botox with dermal fillers for a face that the camera won’t be able to turn away from. Fillers are a great way to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face and in the lips.* Whether you’re the bride-to-be or a future mother-in-law, you’ll be attracting attention for all the right reasons.

Laser Tattoo Removal

So “U + Brad” from spring break in Cancun didn't last forever, but the tattoo you got commemorating your fling did. It’s time to say goodbye once and for all to the unsightly tattoos with laser tattoo removal. At Dermatology & Skin Health, we use the PicoWay laser to treat unwanted tattoos. The laser removes a broad range of tattoo colors on any skin type, so the only coverage you’ll be reaching for is the SPF.*

Hair Reduction

No stubble, no problem. Go hair-free this summer with ProWay hair removal. Similar to laser hair removal this system delivers a specially tailored light source for long-lasting hair reduction.* Be hair-free, carefree and ready to take on the sun.

Our spring Open House is coming up; make sure to RSVP to set yourself up for the greatest summer yet. And in the meantime, request your appointment today.

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