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Janice Martin Facial Rejuvenation Story

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Janice Martin has been a patient at Dermatology and Skin Health for over five years. She visits the practice for cosmetic purposes – to reduce age defining properties that occur as one gets older.

Martin credits the facility and its staff as being a place that exudes comfort – a positive trait that allows any patient a calm before the procedure that is set to take place. Cosmetic services are popular among women in Martin’s age bracket. Therefore, it’s important to not only offer the products necessary to achieve the results women such as Martin are looking for, but it’s equally as important to offer a professional atmosphere, and expertise. This leads to success and allows patients the mindset of knowing they’re in the right hands.

“The office is beautiful,” Martin said. “The surroundings make you feel very comfortable. It’s soothing and relaxing. It starts at the front desk when you check in. The women are sociable, beautiful, and friendly. They’re wonderful people. They listen, and make you feel like you’re close friends. Ultimately, they’re just doing their job, but they are doing it in a way that is engaging for both parties.”


Martin in her mid-50s, frequents Dermatology and Skin Health to have Botox and Sculptra administered to help combat fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. On some level, this may seem simplistic, but Martin is quick to note that she travels a distance just to visit Dermatology and Skin Health to have professional staff oversee the cosmetic procedures as well as overall health of her skin.

“When I go to visit Dr. Campbell. I’m a little nervous initially, because, you know, you’re going to get stuck with needles,” said Martin. “It’s not a feeling of comfort when you think about what’s coming and you tend to sweat a bit. But he and his staff are so genuine and caring. They answer my questions. Dr. Campbell has a wonderful bedside manner. He’s gentle and takes his time. Having these procedures helps me feel better about myself. I have a brighter future about myself and a brighter outlook on life in general. The staff at Dermatology and Skin Health know what areas to concentrate on and what procedure to give me so that I get the results I am looking for. This calms me significantly – just knowing I have a place with expert dermatologists that I can trust with my cosmetic care.”


Dermatology and Skin Health is committed to being at the forefront of the expanding technologies that exist as cosmetic services that their patients are passionate about. Everyone wants to look and feel younger. Everyone wants more radiant skin. Our skin is our cover, and though it’s not right to judge the cover, it often is.

“I feel – after I leave – I feel rejuvenated,” Martin said. When I leave I know that I am going to be looking younger. Botox takes a few days to show clear results so every day you look a little better. It helps me. I feel fresher, more youthful, and full of optimism. I feel lighter, younger, and more vibrant. The results speak for themselves. For me, I’m happier, and I smile more when I walk out those doors. I feel better about myself and better about the world. It’s a wonderful experience and Dr. Campbell is wonderful at what he does, and how he administers it. He is a talented doctor He knows just want to do. I’m thankful for him.”