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Burning Questions -- A Sunscreen Quiz

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Thank you for taking the Burning Questions quiz. The answers to all 10 questions can be found on the Dermatology and Skin Health website: Have fun, and remember to protect the skin you're in!

You can also take the quiz online.

Burning Questions

1. It is possible to get melanoma on your eyeball.
a. True
b. False

2. If you have questions about sunscreen, or spots on your skin, you should:
a. Call. 742-5556 or visit
b. Ask your friends on Facebook. They’ll know.

3. Which amount of sunscreen should you apply at a time?
a. A pint glass.
b. A shot glass
c. A palm full.

4. A simple solution to ease discomfort from sunburn is:
a. Pour icy lemonade on your skin.
b. Call your mother.
c. Use a mixture of skim milk and water as a compress to the sunburned area for 10 minutes. Follow with over the counter hydrocortisone cream and nonsteroidal antinflammatory like Motrin or Advil.

5. Which nonprofit was recently started by two Dermatology and Skin Health employees to help spread the importance of sun protection?
a. Bake Big Brownies.
b. Make Big Change.
c. Take Big Chances.

6. Dr. Campbell’s favorite baseball team is:
a. Boston Red Sox.
b. Portland Sea Dogs.

7. When it comes to protecting your lips from the sun:
a. Use a lip balm with zinc. Badger Balm, a N.H.-based company, makes a good one.
b. Use cherry red lipstick. Maybelline has a pretty one.

8. Which employee of Skin Health Medi-Spa was recently featured on the Dermatology and Skin Health blog?
a. Kerry Roucoulet.
b. Corry Jennison.

9. How often should you reapply sunscreen when you are outside?
a. Every two hours and after swimming and sweating.
b. Every 10 minutes and more often if necessary.
c. Once a day should do it!

10. If you want to protect yourself from the sun by wearing clothing, it should be:
a. A bikini.
b. Black: Darker clothes with a tight weave are best. If you can see through it, UV rays can get through it.
c. White: It will keep you cooler.

Don’t peek ahead of time:

a. 2. a. 3. b. 4. c. 5. b. 6. a. 7. a. 8. a. 9. a. 10. b.

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