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Protect Your Skin from These Three Things as Summer Presses On

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Summer is a tricky time for your skin. No matter what you do in the heat, your skin is being altered. We're not saying to hide indoors for the entire season - just be proactive about taking care of your skin. Keeping your skin happy and healthy makes a more confident and healthy YOU. You may think sun exposure is the only thing violating your skin this summer when in reality, there are so many things you may not realize. The top three things that effect your skin in the summer, is the sun, air travel, and air conditioning. Moisture preserves youthfulness, oil balance, and clear skin.

1) Sun

The sun is the biggest attacker of skin there is. Too much sun can burn your skin and cause Melanoma, while too much sun can have adverse health effects as well. Too much sun burns your skin to a crisp. It dried it out and can have long term affects as well. Melanoma is a skin cancer that affects so many people every year. Speaking to your dermatologist about your skin is an easy and straight forward way to combat skin damage.

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to stay out of the harsh UV rays. I know that is a little unrealistic, especially in prime beach weather so, sunscreen and protective clothing are your second defense against the sun. Staying in the know about the UV index can help you avoid dangerous amounts of sun. If the UV index is above a 7, it is dangerously high and you will burn in 10-20 minutes of being in the sun so you need sunscreen. After being in the sun, your skin gets dry and you might break out from the sunscreen. It is imperative that you wash your face and apply moisturizer to your skin to keep it healthy and hydrated.

2) Travel

Air travel is necessary for summer vacation for most families. Whether you are taking a trip to visit the grandparents in Florida or taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece, flying sucks. It is cramped, stressful, and never the temperature you want the airplane to be. Because the airplane is pressurized, all the moisture is being sucked from your skin causing it to be dehydrated and irritated. Not only is the air not ideal, but you are more stressed on a flight which releases hormones that causes inflammation and redness. The bacteria surrounding you is a melting pot of break-outs just waiting to infiltrate your skin.

To over-come this unnatural environment, you need to know your skin pretty well. Keep your skin extra hydrated the day before your flight. This will ensure you aren’t getting on the plane already dehydrated. Planes are the one place you can look your absolute worst so why not skip the makeup? Minimal amount of makeup will keep makeup from sitting on your skin and clogging pores. Hydration will keep your skin happy but that includes drinking water too. Who cares that you need to go to the bathroom a few times? Other than drinking water, applying moisturizer to your skin will hold the moisture in. After your flight, you might need a gentle exfoliate to clear out the dead skin sitting on your face from the airplane. Following all of these tips and tricks will help concur the summer traveling obstacles we all face.

3) Air Conditioning

The summer heat is a daily struggle for most of us no matter where you live. One way we stay cooled off is with air conditioning. Air conditioning is a saving grace for your sanity but it actual has negative effects on your skin. AC takes all the moisture out of the air and out of your skin. Your proximity to the AC unit has effects on your skin as well. So, if you sit right next to the vent at work, it is taking more moisture out of your skin than your coworkers that sit farther away.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to shut off the AC to keep your skin healthy. One thing that helps your skin stay hydrated is keeping moisturizer near your desk or around your house that you should apply generously throughout the day. Once again, DRINK WATER! You should be drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. In your own home, you can purchase a humidifier to keep near your bed at night. You won’t wake up with dry, cracked skin in the morning if the moisture is being put back in the air.

Your skin is your most prized possession, and, quite frankly, it’s your most vital organ due mostly in part of the fact that it keeps the rest of your organs intact. Skin is the first thing people notice when they met you. Imagine going in for a job interview, your skin is dry and irritated. The red marks are extra red because of how dry your skin is. Your arms are itchy from the lack of moisture and when you shake hands the skin cracks. How is someone supposed to believe you will be able to take care of projects and accounts when you don’t even take care of yourself. Take care of your skin by following these tips or by contacting your dermatologist about other tricks to help your skin survive this summer.

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