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Our own Physicians Assistant, Michelle Roy, and Mohs Surgeon, Gary Mendese were recently featured in Dermatology Times Magazine. Continuing the conversation about Make Big Change, and the overall strategy of offering and educating folks (and fellow dermatologists) about preventative measures when it comes to caring for your skin and combating the ill affects of the sun’s UV rays which (as most of you know) can lead to skin cancer.


With credible training being provided to our licensed oncology esthetician personnel, we can help identify and bolster the benefits that oncology esthetics can offer a person living with cancer. The aim is to encourage esthetics treatments as an additional forms of therapy to help ease the disease’s effects on the skin.


On May 19th from 5:30 – 7:00 PM, we will be hosting our spring spa event and open house.


In response to the unexpected passing of our founder, Dr. James L. Campbell Jr.


The month of May is just around the corner, which as you may know, is now officially “Melanoma Awareness Month” in the state of New Hampshire. As one of the ways in which we will be honoring this proclamation, we have teamed up with two local area hospitals to provide skin cancer screenings completely free of charge.


We are excited to announce that the nonprofit we founded in 2014, Make Big Change, an organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and strategic prevention of skin cancer, has been selected as the recipient of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program for the month of April.


We recently came across an article posted in Dermatology Times that really resonated with us. The article, titled “ASDS Responds to Surgeon General’s Skin Cancer Prevention Call to Action” espouses the importance of bringing this national initiative into our day-to-day actions at the community level.

The article quotes dermatologist Ian Maher, M.D., assistant professor and associate director of Mohs surgery at St. Louis University:

“I think it’s up to us to be on top of the skin cancer epidemic. Right now, one in five Americans will have a skin cancer in their lifetime. It’s incumbent that we as dermatologists respond to this call to action to educate the public and to help drive policies to contribute to the skin health of our nation.”

We couldn’t agree more.


Dermatology & Skin Health's Certified Physician Assistant extraordinaire, Michelle Roy, leads a colorful existence. When she’s not busy working with patients and improving lives, she can be out in the wilderness (or participating in the Boston Marathon!) chewing up the trail with her feet, or upon her bicycle. Or in the kitchen wielding a torch. Look out!

Read on to learn a bit more about her.


Looking back at a fantastic 2015, and forward to an exciting 2016.


As the seasons fade into one another, one thing must stay constant: sun protection. Whether you are lying out on the beach, or frolicking in the fall leaves, you need to take proper precautions when exposed to the sun. Because your entire body is not fully exposed to harmful UV rays, it may not be necessary to lather your entire body in SPF 50 sunscreen every hour. However, there are certain things that you should do when being exposed to the sun in the winter.