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Protecting Yourself from the Sun (Well, the UV Rays...)

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On Friday, July 25, we’ll be hosting a fun-filled clinic at The Works in Dover from 10 a.m. until noon! (Two one hour sessions).

The topic?

Kids and sunscreen.


Simple really. One of the most important things you can do in the sunny, summer months is protect your skin. It’s important to teach proper use and application to our youth because their teachers, daycare professionals, camp councilors, etc., are not permitted to apply sunscreen to their skin. Thus, they need to be able to do it themselves, and do it correctly to get the full advantage of “covering up” and protecting themselves from the suns harmful UV rays.

Sunburns are bad. Sure we laugh about it when we see how red we “accidentally” got after spending an afternoon outside with little to no clothes (protection) on. But seriously, sunburns are bad. Think about the genetic makeup of the word sunburn. “Burn.” Do you like burnt food? Do we laugh when a family’s home burns down? No. Burns are not a laughing matter, and in terms of a sunburn, you only need to be burned once to put yourself at risk for the development of something far worse down the road: Melanoma. Not so funny now, is it?

Cover up. We glorify tanned, bronzed skin, but what’s the long term expense?

We’re here to tell you: It’s not good.

The transition of good care in sunny conditions starts in youth. That’s what this engaging presentation will be all about. We’ll laugh, play games, win prizes, and learn about proper application and care tips for the moments when the sun is shining brightest.

What’s the right sunscreen for you? What are other ways to prevent burning? How do I know I’m fully protected? Are my practices effective?

All good questions. We’re ready to tackle them…

Join us! (Please note: This program is for kids enrolled in camp at The Works.)

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