We’d Appreciate Your “Best Seacoast Dermatologist” Vote

Hey Everyone! We’d like to take a moment to thank ALL of you for all the support you’ve given us over the years.

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Summertime Cosmetics: Bringing Out the Best in Your Skin

It’s at this time every year – the time when we begin to stash away the heavy sweaters and long sleeve garments of winter in exchange for our light,

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May is Melanoma Awarerness Month: Free Skin Checks Abound

It’s May (!) and, as Spring continues to bloom, so to does our desire to get back outdoors and dust off that “sickness” known as cabin fever.

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Dr. Mendese Hosts Skinny On Skin Training Session at Dermatology and Skin Health

Dermatology and Skin Health, at its operative core, is all about keeping a close eye on its patients’ skin and ensuring that it’s as healthy and vibrant as can be.

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We’ve Added a Second Location in Peabody, Massachusetts

We are officially offering patients a second location to be seen. Dr. Mendese has been treating patients part-time at Apex Health in Peabody,

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Informed Moisturization – Know What’s in Those Major Brand Moisturizers

A pretty significant topic of discussion in the dermatology world is that of moisturizing and moisturizers that are at our collective disposal.

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Dealing With an Unwanted Tattoo Easily and Effectively

There’s growing trend in the Dermatology industry that’s catching nearly as much fire as the trend of obtaining the guilty entity.

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Introducing Allison Ingram, LPN

We’re pleased to welcome LPN, Allison Ingram to our team! You may have seen her around the office… If you haven’t feel free to say hello the next time you’re in!

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Presenting The Core (CO2RE) fractional CO2 Resurfacing System

The Core (CO2RE) fractional CO2 Resurfacing System is a versatile resurfacing technology that enables physicians like us at Dermatology and Skin Health to precisely target and treat the skin’s surface,

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Restoring Youthfullness: Understanding the PicoWay Laser

The PicoWay laser takes care of the minor imperfections present on your body – restoring your skin to the youthfulness you remember and strive to experience yet again.* PicoWay Resolve is a new technology that we’ve brought in to the practice here at Dermatology and skin health that is a fractional treatment capability introduced to the advanced PicoWay laser device that takes care of benign pigmented lesions such as: Freckles* Age Spots* Tattoos* Lentigines* Nevus of Ota* Café-au-lait* and other assorted skin irregularities* This breakthrough technology uses the shortest laser pulse available – measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) – to breakdown the pigment into the smallest particles possible.* As mentioned,

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